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Senate Republicans Advance Bill to Give State Grants to Private School Students

Iowa Senate Republicans have reignited the “school choice” debate with a new proposal to use some public money for private school education. The bill would give about $4,000 of state money for each student enrolling in a private school, which is 60 percent of the per-pupil funding for public school students. Current private and homeschool students would not be eligible for the “education savings grants." Republicans on a Senate panel advanced the bill Thursday to the full Appropriations...

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With the 2018 Legislature now in session, stay up to date on the latest bills, activities, and news from the Iowa Statehouse here.

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President Trump threatened to veto a massive spending bill on Friday morning, hours before the government could shut down if it doesn't get the funding it approves.

The $1.3 trillion omnibus legislation passed both chambers of Congress after lengthy negotiations between leaders of both parties. The Senate passed it late Thursday and most lawmakers had left Washington by Friday morning.

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A man killed three people and wounded at least three others in a supermarket in the town of Trebes in southern France, according to the French interior minister.

A police union official told The Associated Press that the suspect was shot to death when police raided the market.

Reuters reports that Mayor Eric Menassi told LCI TV that the man had entered the grocery yelling, "Allahu Akbar, I'll kill you all."

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You Can't Fall If There's No Gravity

1 hour ago

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Last week, we posed this question to our audience: When do charitable partnerships cross the line?

The question came in light of a recent alliance between the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and Heineken. The beer giant is offering its communications and logistics expertise to help with the delivery of health-care supplies in markets where Heineken already has an extensive distribution system.

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On August 12, 1945, days after atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, the Donnors received an official telegram at their home in Big Rapids, Michigan. Their son, U.S. Navy Radio Technician Second Class Clarence W. Donnor was missing in action, it said.

Although they did not know it at the time, Clarence Donnor had been listed as a passenger on the USS Indianapolis, which had been sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea on July 30, resulting in the largest loss of life at sea in U.S. Navy history.


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Last week Franz Ferdinand, and this week Belle and Sebastian. Two Featured Release bands in a row from Glasgow, Scotland. Belle and Sebastian have been around a bit longer though, and they haven't had the kind of mainstream success that Franz Ferdinand have enjoyed. Founding member Stuart Murdoch leads the band named after the French novel Belle et Sebastien, which he and his mates knew from a television adaptation. The new album, How To Solve Our Human Problems, is filled with their...

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Iowa Arts Showcase: Interview with DUMA Director on Charles Thwaites

“There are 1,000 ways to paint, why limit yourself to one manner?” – Charles Thwaites, 1947 The Wisconsin painter Charles Thwaites was the rare artist who excelled at both realist and abstract styles. His transition from one to the other was smooth and almost effortless, and he succeeded at both with confidence and originality. The Dubuque Museum of Art is showcasing 43 Thwaites paintings, drawings, and prints drawn from the collection of MOWA in West Bend, Wisconsin. This Iowa Arts Showcase...

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